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Parf of speech: Verb, OED Year: 1740, OED Evaluation: N/A

To treat, as a doctor or physician; to administer medicine or medical treatment to.

Then she'd phone and ask me to come and do it but I said I never had ah- I never had anything to do with personal in their lives, you know, so- I knew Doctor-Fellows quite well because I doctored with his father when he was growing up as a kid.
Treat someone
And ah- so he became a doctor and ah- doctored here for a long time and then he moved up to Timmins and ah, he passed away not ah that long ago. But ah ah then war came along and a lot of the- the fellows that I knew, that's including couple of my- my good boyfriends.
Treat someone
Well there were all good times. Ah, dad worked at, ah, canoe- building canoes and he was just sort of a handy-man and he could apply himself to almost anything. He was- like farmers would call him if a cow was sick and- and he neutered dogs and- and when that was the way they did it and well he just doctored animals.
Treat someone