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Parf of speech: Noun, OED Year: 1973, OED Evaluation: Canad. colloq.

A case of twenty-four bottles or cans of beer.

Speaker: And ah, you-know, like short-form words like, I don't know how- ah, I'm just thinking of- right now I'm just thinking of- of like, our radio stations that- that ah, outline all their programming in- in- in like six packs and two-fours and I'm wondering how common a two-four- or like May-two-four-weekend that's sort-of is a- language is like down south. Interviewer: Yeah, well, yeah, l-- like I think two-four is just a Canadian thing.
Interviewer: Is there any- is there any spet-- specific lingo or words that you think are ah unique to Northern-Ontario or the Timmins areas that come to your attention? Speaker: May Run. Nobody knows what May Run is. Interviewer: Right. Speaker: Okay. Maybe they know what a box of two-four is after you've gone to university (laughs).
Speaker: ... the mid-sixties, there was no alcohol allowed for ah sale at any dances or-anything-like-that. Interviewer: Right. Speaker: During prohibition- well it wasn't total prohibition, but it was- you couldn't- Interviewer: Right. Speaker: Have a dance and have booze out. So, the guys would buy a case of two-four, put it in the back of the car, throw a coat over it, and then during the evening they'd say "I'm going out for a cigarette." Well you knew the guys were all going to have a beer.